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Mudroom Cabinets & Counters Installation

July 20, 2014

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been two years since I tiled the mud room floor, but I finally got around to buying and installing the cabinetry that I had originally planned. I guess we just weren’t in that big of a hurry to spend the money, because installation really only took me a couple of days, and that was with a newborn at home.

The room is pretty small so it’s hard to get a good picture showing the entire room, but I hope these give you an idea of things are turning out. As you can see, I still have some painting to do and need to install base molding, but the installation was pretty straight forward.

I roughly followed This Old House’s video on how to install kitchen cabinets, which I had watched a few times but didn’t re-watch recently before beginning the installation — my first mistake. But, other than installing the base cabinet first (they suggest installing the wall cabinets first) their tips really worked well, and the installation was easy — it took me about two hours to install three cabinets (two wall + one base) which wasn’t too bad since I did it alone.

One trick of my own that worked well — I used a car jack on top of a small step ladder to hold the cabinets at the right height while I leveled and screwed them in.

The counter top and bench are both made from a cherry hardwood counter from Kraftmaid that I cut to size — I ordered a 8′ counter with one the front and left side finished, cut that to length for the cabinet counter top, then ripped the remaining counter to 18″ depth and used it as a bench.

The bench was the hardest part of the installation, and it turns out that the span (42″) was too long to support my weight without flexing, so I had to install a support in the middle. I used a 4″ molding along the back (screwed into two studs) to support the back, and I had intended to do the same along the left side, but was only able to hit one stud on that wall so I had to use a support all the way to the floor as I did in the middle of the bench. The supports are both made from a pine board that I will paint white (which I should have done first but I was anxious to get the installation going).

I’ll share some more thoughts soon, and pictures as we wrap things up.








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