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Sal’s Heating & Cooling Review (Navien NR-240A Troubles Continued)

July 8, 2013

Well, I decided to send Navien an email this weekend to explain my frustration with them — specifically that it had cost $200 to clean the unit before they would send me a replacement part under warranty, and that they had not paid for Saturday delivery on the part, but opted to make me wait until Monday to get it.

Turns out that Sal’s Heating and Cooling, shall we say mislead me when they told me they had ordered the part and that I would receive it Monday (which I stayed home from work to receive).  Turns out Navien’s shipping department was closed on Friday, and the part didn’t ship until 6:00 PM today.  It’s scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.

I had previously given Sal’s Heating and Cooling a positive review, but my experience this time through has been less than stellar.  To sum up:

  • My Navien water heater, which they installed, was giving me an error 38 on Thursday, July 4.   
  • I called Sal’s and asked for service.  They told me that because it was warranty service they wouldn’t come out on a holiday (which makes little sense since I had to pay for the visit anyway).  The person I spoke to, Max, told me that he would put me on the list for the morning.
  • We had not heard from Sal’s by 10am the next morning, so I decided to call them.  When I called, I was told we were not on the list but that they would come in the afternoon.
  • They called me around 1pm to say they were a couple hours away.
  • They called me around 5pm to say they were en route, and arrived around 6pm.
  • The technician, Jeff — who installed and serviced the unit before and has always been entirely professional and great — told me at 8pm the problem had been fixed.  I paid him and he left.
  • Five minutes later the Navien water heater failed again while my wife was bathing our children.
  • I called Jeff, and he had me try a few things to kick start the Navien.  None of those things worked. 
  • Jeff got off the phone with me to order the part.  I assume he was calling his office and not Navien directly.  Jeff called me back a few minutes later and told me the part would arrive on Monday and that I should call Sal’s Heating & Cooling when it arrived.
  • Skip from Sal’s called me Monday morning around 9am to remind me to call when the part arrived.
  • I stayed home from work so that I could receive the part.  Fedex drove by my house at their usual time in the morning.  UPS drove by my house at the usual time.  Neither stopped. 
  • I called Sal’s and spoke to a receptionist who was very nice.  I explained the above and that I had stayed home from work, and asked if she could call Navien and get me a tracking number.  She said she would call me back.
  • The receptionist called me back and said that she had called “the dispatcher” and he would not call Navien to get a tracking number.
  •  I called Navien myself and used their phone system to get to the shipping department.  I left them a voicemail.
  • Navien didn’t call me back, but did include the tracking number in their response to my email.  I assume they put two and two together since both included my name and contact information.  They indicated that the part just shipped today.

I’m lucky enough to have a job that allows me to work from home occasionally, but I’m frankly upset with Sal’s Heating and Cooling for misleading me. 


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