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Counters Installed

May 9, 2012

The counters were installed in the wet bar and laundry room today, and I stopped at Lowes after work to pick up a few things I would need to to finish the plumbing.  The laundry room faucet went in with no problem, but I ran into some issues on the wet bar.

This is the laundry room.  You may notice that the washer and dryer are further off the wall (deeper) than the base cabinetry.  We had considered installing the cabinets off the wall, but that would have created a lot of extra work for the plumbing, so we decided to keep them flush to the back wall and put a curve in the counter top instead.  I think it worked out nicely.

And this is the wet bar.

Both counters are “absolute black” granite, which is the same material we used in our master bath and have been very happy with.

The faucet in the laundry room installed with no issues — prior to the counters being installed, I installed shut-off valves on the rough-in plumbing, so all I had to do was secure the faucet to the counter and connect the water supply using braided connectors. The drain on the laundry sink required a little finessing — b/c the cabinetry is installed on a platform to raise them to the same height as the washer/dryer, the drain was about a half-inch off the floor of the cabinet. I used an S-trap (which terminates vertically instead of horizontally as a P-trap does) and used a 90-degree fitting on the PVC.

The wet bar faucet was not quite so smooth. I had installed the shut-off valves and a 3M water filter prior to the counters going in. Unfortunately, the water filter terminated with a male, 3/8-inch connector instead of the standard female, 1/2-inch connector which the faucet could marry to. At Lowes I was looking for a female-to-female reducer, but I couldn’t find such a thing so I ended up buying a 3/8-inch compression flex fitting with a 1/2-inch female connector. What I didn’t realize is that the faucet NEEDS a rubber washer in the female connection, so I over-tightened the connection (trying to fix the leak) and broke the faucet after giving up and trying to disconnect the fitting. Oops. The good news is that I think I was able to trim the copper on the faucet with pipe cutters, and SharkeBite makes a 1/4-inch to 1/2-inch reducer that should work (I just have to hope Lowes or Home Depot carries it). So, what I thought was going to be thirty minute job turned into three hours of cursing.


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One Comment
  1. This is a fantastic idea! It’s so handy to have a sink near the laundry area, in case of spills, etc.
    ~ Trèsors De Luxe

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