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STR-DH820 & Dolby Digital

April 6, 2012

As I mentioned earlier, I got the audio return channel (ARC) working between my Sony KDL-EX720 Internet TV and STR-DH820 receiver. My primary use case for this TV will be to use the Internet capability of the TV — we rip all of our movies from disc and play them back using the excellent Serviio DLNA media server.

A lot of my movies are encoded with AC3 5.1 audio — and those that are not are typically transcoded on the fly to that format. The TV plays them back just fine. However, now that ARC is working, I want to use my surround speakers (a 5.0 configuration). The issue is, I’m getting all of the surround but no dialog (which I assume should be coming from the front three speakers). I suppose it’s possible that I connected my speakers to the wrong inputs, but I’m pretty sure I did it correctly.

So I’ve got some tinkering to do.

UPDATE: Well, it looks like stupid user error on this one. I ran the test tone sequence on my receiver, and wasn’t getting any output from my center speaker. It must have pulled loose when I was messing around with the receiver. Remember how I mentioned that the speaker connections on the STR-DH820 were horrible? I can’t blame this issue on that fact, but I did take a few minutes to redo all of the speakers with a set of banana plugs that I hard purchased for another purpose (but couldn’t use). So I’m now able to enjoy surround sound.


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  1. Andrey permalink

    Hi, it’s interesting to follow your experience and compare it with mine. I actually have and older STR-DH500 in a 5.0 configuration planning to upgrade to a network enabled model (internet radio and music over dlna without additional devices). I don’t have that horrible connections but yours are the “professional” ones. I guess your system supports more advanced audio formats (e.g. dts) without transcoding. Enjoy the movies!

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