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XP NAS Experiment

April 5, 2012

I’ve been quite happy with my Windows XP “NAS” experiment so far.   Serviio is working quite well with my setup — I’ve been able to stream HD movies (5Mbps) with no stuttering — though I am taking the step (as necessary) to pre-transcode to AVC 4.1 when necessary to ensure that my old PC (a 2.5GHz Celeron w/512MB of RAM) doesn’t have to do that.  In that setup, I’m finding that Serviio remuxes the movies to an mpeg transport stream in just a few minutes, and the rest is just streaming the bits over a LAN — so no stuttering.  I haven’t yet tried serving up two movies simultaneously (to different TV’s) but I’ll mess around with that later.

The only real downside for me so far is that Windows XP “Home” — which is what I have — doesn’t allow NT file permissions — so the entire share is open.  It’s probably okay for my purposes — I really mostly just need a media server — but I eventually would like to automate backups for real “data” (as opposed to DVD and CD rips).


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