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Bravia Sync / Audio Return Channel

April 5, 2012

I spent about two hours last night on the phone with Sony customer support trying to get the Bravia Sync and Audio Return Channel (ARC) to work between my new TV (an EX720) and receiver (DH820).  I’m not sure what the issue is — both features “just work” with my older Sony devices upstairs, but for some reason I can’t get these two devices to play nice together.   I ran through a number of steps — unplugging both devices, resetting them to factory settings, making sure firmware was up to date, replacing HDMI cables, and rinsing and repeating as my issue was escalated — all to no avail. 

I’m supposed to call Sony back tonight and my issue will be escalated to to their “highest level” of tech support (they were closed when I called yesterday).  Will be interested to see what they say — I generally know how to hook up A/V equipment so on some levels I’m happy that there was no obvious “stupid user error,” but at the same time I do want my setup to work as designed — not much use in having surround sound if I can’t enjoy it.

UPDATE:  While on the phone with Sony support for another 90 minutes (and basically trying all the same steps again) I noticed something in the online manual:  the audio return channel only works if you have already hooked up an actual HDMI input previously.  After reading this, I hooked up my laptop (which has an HDMI out) and kicked on a movie — the sound was routed out my stereo, but that alone didn’t activate the ARC.  So I was forced to unplug my BluRay from upstairs and hook it up — but doing so did the trick  and ARC kicked in.  I was then able to unplug the BluRay and put it back, and everything seems to be working as I intended.  I’m sure there’s a good reason for it to be designed this way, but what that reason is completely alludes me.


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