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Windows XP NAS Project

March 20, 2012

Well, we’re almost done finishing the basement and have started on the mudroom — and since we decided to start a second remodel project, I’m going to try to be a bit more fiscally responsible regarding my AV/computer setup.  I would still love to pick up a Synology Diskstation, but I think I can save close to $400 by using old hardware that I have on hand.  Aside from saving some cash, I’m more of a Windows kind of guy and think at the end of the day I’ll be happier with a Microsoft-based solution.

So, I have an old Dell (circa 2006) in my basement that I’ll finally be able to feel good about having held on to.  Turns out I picked up a PCI SATA controller a few years ago when I swapped out the hard drive in my Tivo HD.  I’d like to have a RAID mirror in place so that I won’t worry too much if one of the hard drives should go.  So all I should really need at this point are two SATA drives — $129 apiece for 2TB of storage.    

I found instructions online for how to enable software RAID on Windows XP (my old Dell won’t run Windows 7 — I checked a couple years ago) so I’m going to try and do a clean install of Windows from a recovery disk (assuming I can find it).  

This is hardly a cutting edge solution, but I think it will meet my needs (data storage and DLNA and Airplay server).

I’ll post as I make progress!


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