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Mudroom Remodel

March 16, 2012

One of the main reasons we decided to finish the basement was to move our washer/dryer to the basement.  They were previously located in a small mudroom on the first floor.  It wasn’t an easy decision — especially for my wife — but while having the laundry on the first floor seemed like a good idea when we bought the house, the everyday reality of it proved less than ideal for us — the “laundry room” wasn’t big enough to allow for storage of laundry, laundry baskets, and the like, and because the “laundry room” also served as a mudroom, coat room, and work area (utility sink) space was really, really tight.  Now that we’re wrapping up the basement, we started planning the remodel for the mudroom.  

As you can see from the drawing of the space before we moved the laundry to the basement — the room was really congested.  We had actually removed the  closet door (the bifold) but even still — you couldn’t really open the door coming from the hallway all the way, and I was constantly fighting with my kids’ shoes and outerwear being piled up.

Our plan for the mudroom is below, as well as an initial plan for cabinets (drawn backwards because I had originally planned on putting the closet on the opposite wall).  The first thing we’re doing is replacing the hallway door with a pocket door — we rarely need to close the door, so it will be nice to tuck the door away.   Inside the room, we’re going to build a full-length closet where the washer/dryer were, and plan on using bypass doors there to avoid ever having doors open into this space.  On the opposite wall (where the old closet and utility sink were) we’re going to install a bench and cabinetry for additional storage (and a charging station for our phones).  Finally, I’m going to move the utility sink to the garage.


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