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Sony STR-DH830 vs. STR-DH820

March 12, 2012

As I mentioned previously, I pre-ordered my Sony STRDH830 from Amazon last week (which still hasn’t been released).  Looking at the pictures of the receiver, I didn’t see an ethernet port, so I began to think that I was mistaken about its support for Airplay.  Sony’s marketing site still doesn’t have anything about the device, but I decided to check out their support site — and found that searching for the STRDH830 did come back with results.  So I grabbed the  STRDH830 user manual.

Looks like I was wrong.  Assuming the docs for this are correct, this receiver has no network connectivity.  It does have a USB port on the front which I means I can use a standard iPhone/iPod cable to connect it (or use the supplied iPod cradle/dock). 

So.  I can pick up the STRDH820 from Amazon for at least $150 less than the 830.  From what I can tell, the 830 basically just adds one HDMI port — which I really don’t need in my setup.  Decisions, decisions.

UPDATE:  After reviewing the manual for the STRDH820, I decided to cancel my order for the 830  and go with the 820.   It appears to be a better receiver all things considered.  I doubt that I’ll use it, but it also has outputs for a second zone.  I ran an HDMI cable between my basement and first-floor A/V centers, but the second zone on the 820 is RCA.


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  1. Andrey permalink

    interesting: the manual you have found stands both for 830 and 730 (see pdf footer) but I cannot find any differences between these models either. Anyway you might be right, a network receiver would be a STR-DN830, not DH

  2. Thanks Andrey. After checking out Amazon (searched for “Sony Network Receiver”) I found several “DN” models that have network connectivity. And if you have a crazy budget, there are STR-DA receivers (priced at $1,200 and up, from what I can tell). I wonder if one of the newer DA receivers added Airplay.

  3. Adam permalink

    I’ve been trying to research the STR-DH830 and saw your post. These the only differences I’ve been able to spot between the 830 and 820.
    – 830 adds 1 HDMI input
    – 830 removes 7.2 support (down to 7.1)
    – 830 removes A/B support
    – 830 has 140W per channel (up from 100W)

    Am I missing anything? If that’s it, I can’t imagine why Sony even bothered. Unless you need that extra HDMI input, the smart choice is the 820 now that its $100 cheaper.


    • Hi Adam,

      I think you have it mostly right, but from what I read the 820 has more power per channel: 110W (stereo) and 150W (surround) compared to 105W (stereo) and 140W (surround) on the 830.

  4. Dan permalink

    The 820 is a better buy. I just picked mine up last week and LOVE it!

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