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Basement Cabinets

March 12, 2012

I spent some time this weekend pre-painting trim, and cabinets are scheduled to come next Monday — so we’re pretty excited to be that much closer to wrapping this project up. 

We ended up ordering Kraftmaid cabinets from Lowes.   I downloaded PDF catalogs from the manufacturer (so that I could get a sense for what was available, and in what size) and drew up the plans in Visio, making note of what cabinet went where.  Not only did it help my wife and I to visualize the space, but it helped make the ordering process go very smoothly — especially because the “consultant” at Lowes was new to the job and really didn’t know the cabinetry that well. 

The one thing I wish I had done was talk to the counter fabricator before I ordered the cabinets — I would have modified the plan in the laundry room had I done so.  As it stands, I am going to have to build a support for the counter on the right hand wall — had I spoken to them, I would have planning on putting the small (12″) base cabinet that is currently on the left wall along the right wall.  Unfortunately, I had the room plumbed this way, and the plumbing impedes my ability to move the cabinet (and it is hinged the wrong way).  I could (and may) still move it, but I want to see how everything fits once the cabinets arrive.  I should have enough room to install it as originally planned, but if moving the plumbing makes things easier I will go that route.

If you’re thinking about putting a counter over your front-load washer/dryer, note the height of the units — mine are taller than standard 34″ cabinets (by about three inches).  Kraftmaid does make a couple 40″ base cabinets, but I thought having a deep utility sink that high might prove difficult (my wife and I are not tall people).  Instead, we are going to install regular cabinets on a stand made from 2×4 lumber and install a custom kick plate at the base (some kind of hard wood cut to size and painted white).


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