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Tiling: Pattern

February 14, 2012

I decided to do a “random” pattern on the floors — to add some interest but also to avoid accentuating anything in the basement that might not be square — i.e., walls or grout lines.  Here’s the pattern I used:

Each color represents one unit of the pattern (nine tiles) and each different color shows how the units fit together. 

I started with 18″ tiles, and used a wet saw to split and quarter some of them — I thought a wet saw was best because I wanted the kerf to help allow space for the grout lines.  One nice side benefit is that the tiles are not all exactly the same size (the 18″ tile is too big to use a guide on my wet saw) so I can sort the tiles by size and select as needed to make small adjustments as needed.  And since my longest grout line is less than seven feet, even if there are some imperfections they aren’t really noticeable. 

Another nice beneft is that the pattern is helping to balance the look of tiles along the wall.  I typically figure out my initial placement by making sure that if I need a partial tile to fill a space that the tiles on opposing walls are balanced (roughly the same size) — in this case I figured anything less than nine inches (half my tile width, or the size of my smallest tile – 9×9).   In my case I had 4.5 inches “extra” that I needed to balance.  As I started planning the tile that way, I realized that because some of the tile were 18″ tall, that starting with “whole” tile (as dictated by the pattern) and ending with a 4.5″ tile wouldn’t be bad — because some of the tile on the “short” wall would actually be 13.5″.  And since I only had one tile that was actually 4.5″ — and it was out of the primary focal area — I could save myself a lot of extra cutting by just letting the pattern balance itself.

I’ll upload a picture of the tile in situ to give you a sense of how it turned out.  I’m really happy with the way it’s progressing.


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