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January 6, 2012

Planning for a finished basement has me, well, totally excited about music again.  I have to admit that I have probaby purchased fewer than a dozen albums over the last ten years.  I would still listen to music occassionally on my iPhone, but primarily on long drives and that sort of thing — rarely even on my commute to/from work.  I’m planning on buying a Synology NAS device so that I can store my music (and video) library (about 18GB of ripped CD’s, plus 100+ CD’s that I’ve yet to rip).

Anyway, I suppose my musical tastes hadn’t evolved much since the ’90’s — Jane’s Addiction, R.E.M., U2, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Skinny Puppy remain my favorites.  Sure, I’ve added Foo Fighters, Coldplay, and Kings of Leon, but I still listen primarily to ’90’s-style alternative. 

At the same time, Jane’s Addiction in particular has lost some of their flare for me.   I still count “Three Days”, “Then She Did”, and “Ted Just Admit It” among my favorite songs, but some of their other stuff doesn’t hold up quite so well for me.  I know Jane’s had a brief reunion and issued a couple of new albums, but I never bought into Jane’s without Eric Avery — though I will admit that “Superhero” is kind of catchy (I’m only familiar with it since it’s the title song for Entourage).

Anyway — on to the point of this post…  After Jane’s Addiction broke up, Eric Avery and Dave Navarro teamed up and created what is probably my favorite album — Deconstruction — if you don’t have it buy it NOW!   (I have both Porno for Pyro’s albums, formed by Perry Ferrel and Stephen Perkins, but I can barely stand to listen to them today).  In my search for something new to listen to, I decided to look up Eric Avery on Wikipedia, and was a bit surprised (like I said — I wasn’t keeping up) to find that Eric Avery had formed (and disbanded) a group subsequent to Deconstruction, called “Polar Bear” or “Polarbear” as they later called themselves, and released a solo album (I think in 2008).  I found an Eric Avery fansite which has some free downloads of Polarbear tracks (with the band’s permission).  I have to say — the “Sugargum” EP is pure greatness, and the “Man’s Ruin” vinyl rip is, as one fan put it, awesome music to have on in the background.  I remember reading of Deconstruction back when it was released that it was the unfulfilled promise of Jane’s Addiction — and I have to say regarding Polarbear — “ditto”.   I never viewed Eric Avery as the driving force behind Jane’s Addiction, but he is truly a musical genious in his own right.

I just ordered Polarbear’s “Why Something Instead of Nothing?” and Eric Avery’s “Help Wanted” albums, and for the first time in a long time I’m stoked to hear some new music.  (Unfortunately, the former is no longer in print — I could have bought a supposedly new copy for $100, but that felt a bit extreme for something that I’m going to put in my computer once and rip — so I bought a used copy.  My regret being that the band gets nothing from my having done so).  I also think I saw on Eric Avery’s Twitter page that he is almost done with another solo album (as of December 14, 2011).


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