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In-Wall / In-Ceiling Speakers

December 12, 2011

I’m starting to plan the speaker system for my basement.  I was considering buying new in-wall and/or in-ceiling speakers, but after pricing out some options — including Polk speakers from Crutchfield, I think I’m going to go a less expensive route by reusing what I have on hand.  I purchased a Bose Acoustimass 10 system circa 1997, which has been sitting unused in my basement for the last five years.

I know the cube array speakers will fit in my ceiling, and I think they will fit in my walls (they are 4″ deep, so there should be just enough room behind a 2×4 + sheetrock.  Turns out that finding a paintable speaker grille is not so easy, but I think I can make do with these grilles from Dayton Audio, which cost about $20 each.   The grille looks awefully transparent, though, so I may end up having to put fabric behind it to conceal the speaker.  Dayton Audio also makes wall plates for connecting the wires.

I found a blog entry about how to do a nice job painting the grilles.  You need an air brush, which should be available for less than $50 from a craft & hobby store.

EDIT:  I may go with smaller, 6.5″ round speaker covers, either for the wall or ceiling.  I’m inclined to put them all in the ceiling, but have to think about how that will look with a bunch of recessed lighting already planned for the space.

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