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Navien NR-240A – Day 4 Results

December 11, 2011

I’m happy to report that day four has gone by with no issues — in particular, no “ignition failure” errors since the technician worked on the unit.  Here’s hoping it stays this way!

I happened to be working in my basement today (cleaning up to get ready for the remodel), and so I tried to notice how frequently the circulation pump on the Navien 240A needs to be reheated.  This is not scientific, but it appears to run very briefly (for just a few seconds) once every 60-90 minutes.  This was with no demand for hot water (so far as I was aware).   I’ll be working in the basement again tomorrow, and will try to keep a journal for how often it runs.

Tomorrow I plan on running some basic tests to see if I get the “cold water sandwich” I experienced earlier in the week while in the shower.


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