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Navien NR-240A – Day 2 Results

December 10, 2011

I got my shower in with no issues.

My wife spent the day tidying the house for out-of-town guests, so she decided to get an afternoon shower about an hour before their arrival.  There was no hot water.  Since the unit was installed just two days earlier, I called the HVAC company that had done the install.  They put me on hold so I decided to look at the unit myself. 

The thermostat (I think the owners manual calls it a “remote”) had a blinking red light, which I knew wasn’t normal.  It was giving me an error code “03” which the manual tells me is due to an ignition failure.  I figured, “what the hell,” and unplugged the unit.  The remote stayed on (I guess it’s battery powered) so I plugged the water heater back in and pushed the “power” button on the remote.  The unit went back to normal, and immediately started working again.

Hot water as expected through the evening.


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