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HVAC Installation

December 10, 2011

I used Sal’s Heating and Cooling to do the installation.  All-in-all, they did a great job, and I was very pleased with their price and service.  They were about 20% less than the competing bid I got (I was doing a furnace, A/C, and tankless water heater all at the same time).  If you’re in the Cleveland area and need an HVAC company, you might want to consider them.

I will say, in talking to Sal Jr. about a tankless water heater, that I’m disappointed in retrospect that he didn’t recommend a unit with the circulation pump (it was something I asked for based on my own research).  Based on my experience with only a couple days behind me, I can’t see how a unit without the circulation pump would work for a home (the minimum flow requirement is killer).

Also, it was the second company that talked me into the 240-sized unit (I had been considering the mid-sized 210 unit).  Their argument was that the local distributor only carries the 240’s, so while I could get a 210 if I wanted it, I would have to wait longer if I ever needed parts.  To be fair, Sal recommended the 240, but I wasn’t convinced I needed a unit that large (based on the manufacturer’s specifications).

That said, the crew from Sal’s that did the job was absolutely fantastic, and they have been super-responsive to the issue I’ve had so far.  I appreciate the great service and the fine work they did.


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